7 Ways To Get Your Jeep Wrangler Ready For Winter

7 Ways To Get Your Jeep Wrangler Ready For Winter

Dec 09, 2021

Miko Xie

1. Check The Fluids

If you’re planning on spending long periods in cold temperatures, look into changing our engine oil. There are winter-specific oils available, which are less vicious and help produce better engine operation in sub-zero temperatures.

2. Winter Tires

If you’re planning on driving in snowy and icy conditions, then now is a great time to get a good pair of snow tires or off-road tires. If you do change out for winter tires, make sure that they are installed correctly.

3. Replace Windshield Wipers

Snow and ice will usually build up on your windshield, which calls for scraping ice off in the mornings. So in case of a snowstorm or bad weather, get a good set of windshield wipers.

4. Make Sure Your Heat Works

The last thing we need when it’s cold outside is for the heater in our vehicles to stop working. So, to save yourself from some trouble, make sure to check your defroster, heater operation, and heater core.

5. Check Your Battery & Lights

Another thing you don’t want to go without checking before winter is the battery and lights of your vehicle. Make sure your battery is working to its full potential.

6. Store Your Vehicle

If you have your Jeep or vehicle only for summertime adventures, then make sure to store your car in a safe and dry place. If you don’t have a space for your car, then put a cover over it to protect the vehicle’s paint and interior.

7. Prepare An Emergency Box

Last but not least, it’s essential to prepare an emergency box just in case of an emergency or getting caught in the middle of nowhere. This box can contain A first aid kit, antifreeze, oil, water, a flashlight, batteries, emergency radio, jumper cables, tools, non-perishable foods, rubbing alcohol, and cat litter for tire grip.