How To Turn Your Jeep Wrangler Into the Ultimate Camping Machine

How To Turn Your Jeep Wrangler Into the Ultimate Camping Machine

Dec 09, 2021

Miko Xie

Readers of this blog and general Jeep enthusiasts know that the Jeep Wrangler is the ideal vehicle for off-road adventures. Whether it’s climbing mountains, fording rivers, or blazing trails across sand dunes, you can do it all—with the proper preparation—from behind the wheel of your Jeep.

1.Racking up the Modifications

Top-down aficionados will have to learn to compromise here: for your Jeep to function as a camping accommodation, you’ll need to keep the top on and outfit it with a sturdy roof rack, to which you’ll attach an elevated rooftop tent. Rather than sleep on the ground or in the seats of your Jeep, a rooftop tent extends out over the side of your roof and expands to let you sleep comfortably above ground.

2.Elevate Your Suspension

When it comes to off-roading for the sake of off-roading, lifting your Jeep is a common modification. However, when using your Jeep as a camping vehicle, giving the suspension a lift has another utility: the ability to carry more weight without bottoming out. Lifting the suspension tenses up its construction, making it less likely to sink under additional weight. Start adding up things like your luggage, extra fuel and car batteries, and even a battery-powered mini-fridge, and your Jeep is carrying a lot of extra freight. Traverse more terrain and bring more things along by giving your Jeep a lift.

3.Fluid Storage Containers

To turn your Jeep into the ultimate camping machine, you’ll need water—and lots of it. Fortunately, exterior water vessels conveniently attach to the rear of your Jeep to add a few supplemental gallons of water to your overland-ready vehicle.