Make Your Jeep Your Own: 5 Mods for Jeep Owners

1- Bumpers

Swapping out the front and rear bumpers is a common Wrangler upgrade. Aftermarket bumpers offer more capability, protection, and style. Choose full-width bumpers to cover your whole front end, or opt for skinnier stubby bumpers that sit in the center.

Aftermarket bumpers are usually made of stronger materials than the stock Wrangler bumper. If you want to add a winch, then you’ll need a winch-capable bumper. Many bumpers include integrated lights or mounts so you can add off-road lights as well. Bumpers with recovery points and D-ring shackles make recovery a breeze.



2 - Grilles

When it comes to modifying the Jeep Wrangler, there are infinite options. And the easiest way to start a makeover is to give it a facelift. Converting your Jeep is too easy to do when you’ve got a lot of affordable and more appealing options within your reach.

By offering your Jeep Wrangler a new grille, you can add an unique personality and an unique look where it will matter most. The Wrangler has the most emblematic front grilles of all time. It hasn’t changed much since it was first launched.

The new Jeep Wrangler has a seven-slot grille that makes people identify the vehicle right away. However, you can modify your grill with a number of available inserts, varying from billet or mesh inserts to trim parts. Not only do they add style, they also add protection to the radiator.

Because the front of the Jeep serves as the vehicle’s face, you can change it to suit your ideas as well as its intended use. It’s one of the most economical and convenient ways to do it. In addition, the grill inserts will give the Jeep a custom-made look that represents your personality.


3 - Headlights & Taillights

Replacing the stock Wrangler taillights with aftermarket taillights

Replacing the stock headlights and taillights on your Wrangler is easier than you might think. It usually just requires a screwdriver or Torx bit and unhooking a few clips. If you’ve got halogen headlights, upgrading to LEDs will provide you with much greater brightness and range. They’re also more efficient, lasting up to 30 times longer than halogens.

Don’t forget about your fog lights, either! Even though they’re small, they can significantly improve your field of vision in hazy conditions. The best fog lights have lenses that are tinted yellow to reflect the least amount of light.

4 - Fender Flares   

Once you add bigger tires and a lift kit to your Jeep you’re going to definitely want to upgrade your Fender Flares too. For one they look cool, but they also have a lot of functional uses such as protected your Jeep from minor dings, keeping mud and grime away from your Jeep and finally keep rocks and road dirt out of your face in the summer. You can find fender flares almost anywhere.


5 - Running Boards

This one made it onto my list even though some people may never use their Jeep for rock crawling. It was a tough call, but in the end I added it to the list for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, rock sliders protect your Jeep. They are the best piece of armor you can have, and as a bonus they double as a step. They also can be used as a winch recovery point should you flip or roll your Jeep. It’s very convenient to have a side recovery point, and rockers are ideal. Also, they protect against more than rocks. Trees, other Jeeps, even that car in the parking lot that swings their door open too hard… Extra protection for your Jeep, and a worthy addition to the list.


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