Camping Carbon Monoxide Detector

Camp Kitchen
Style :


  • Electrochemical Sensor for Accurately Detect: Electrochemical sensor carbon Monoxide Alarm built with high quality helps to monitor co quickly, provides the warning of dangers as soon as possible; the loud alarm signal (Loud>70dB) helps your family stay in the safety
  • Fire Retardant PC Plastic Material:?High-quality materials will ensure alarm working when fire, won't be destroyed in the early time
  • East to install
  • Test-Silence Button and LED Lights: CO detector with test button would be tested before use; if sounds the alarm signal without dangerous, could push the test button to silence it or replace batteries if the battery low. The Green LED light means working, the Red LED light is alarming or warning, The yellow means?malfunction.



  • Diameter£º 4.13inch
  • Battery Life£º 1 year
  • Rated voltage£ºDC 3V
  • Alarm indication: Sound & Light Alarm
  • Alarm current:? <45MA
  • Operating temperature£º 0-50¡æ


  • Size: 4.72*2.68*1.26 inch
  • Power: AC 220V
  • Alarm indication: Sound & Light Alarm
  • Alarm density£º>200ppm
  • Operating temperature£º 0-50¡æ
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