Five-pointed Star & Skull Head Car Sticker Decoration

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White Star&Skull
Black Star&Skull
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Note: The brain of the skull is transparent, and the eyes and nose are available in white and black. 1.Material: Ordinary BK special car stickers material 2.Specifications:on both sides of the car body, symmetrical, carved bottomless hollow. 3.Fit for:general car 4.Color:Black,white,red Water & high temperature proof, easily remove without any residue. While you enjoy it, you don’t need to worry that it will hurt your car.


1.Make Sure Surface Of Your Car Is Clean.Use The Tape To Secure The Sticker To The Desired Location. 2.Spray Decal And Surface With Water. 3.Use Scraper To Take The Water And Bubble Out. 4. Wait For 15 Minutes. 5. Rippding The Transfer Film Slowly. 6. Use Knife To Cut Between And Extra Sticker.


Never put the car under the hot sun within 48 hours after the installation! Never wash the car within 48 hours after installation!

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